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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 5, 2024 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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and made every mile worth it. hi mom. at vanguard you're more than just an investor, you're an owner. helping you prepare for today's longer retirement. that's the value of ownership. >> sandra: all right. here we go. super tuesday. special coverage tonight. leading the coverage is brett and martha at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. should be exciting. >> john: looking forward to that and the voter analysis. it brings us tidbits about what the ebb check -- electorate is thing. >> sandra: set your dvr. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: the story goes on today. a big day. thanks, guys. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum.
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this is "the story." it's the biggest primary day of the year. voters going to polls all across the country today coast to coast on this super tuesday. we have more than a dozen states in the mix. more than 850 republican delegates are up for grabs out there. you have 1,420 democrat delegates that are up for grabs there as well today. former president trump's team feeling very good about how things look for them this evening. they're predicting an avalanche that could help him lock up the nomination as early as next week, maybe the week after. for nikki haley, she says she still has a long way to go. we'll see what she decides tonight. president trump is leading the delegate count now. 273 for him. 43 for the former governor of south carolina, nikki haley. 850 plus are up for grabs tonight. the magic number for the gop is
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1,215 to win the nomination. aishah hasnie live on a beautiful looking dale in west palm beach in florida. hi, aishah. >> hi, martha. good afternoon to you. yes, 80 degrees here in palm beach. very gorgeous. of course, mar-a-largo preparing for a big party. former president trump says that he expects to win every single state tonight. the campaign is telling me they're looking at walking away tonight with more than 1,000, close to 1,100 delegates. he says there's no path for nikki haley ahead. listen to this. >> my focus is really at this point on biden. i should win almost every state today. i think every state. last night as you know, we won with 87% of the vote. we won't north dakota. a great state with a great governor, by the way. we really look at biden. we think we'll be unified.
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i have never seen the enthusiasm. >> yesterday trump called the historic supreme court ruling a unifying decision for the country. something that nikki haley has been hitting him hard on saying he's alienating her voters, voters that he will need in november. here's what voters tell us across the country. >> as it stands today, i would vote for him. >> trump is not talking about the issues. he's talking about himself. >> would you still vote for him if he got convicted? >> yeah, i would. i would vote for him because even if he did do something shady, i believe all politicians do shady things, you know. >> martha, immigration and the economy, of course, still topping the issues for voters today. you can hear it every time trump speaks. he wants to pivot now to the general. martha. >> martha: you can hear that in
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that sound from him. aishah hasnie in palm beach. let's go to bill melugin who is live with the haley campaign in charleston, south south. hi, bill. >> hi, martha. good afternoon. the nikki haley camp says over the last ten days or so, haley has traveled more than 8,000 miles and met with thousands of voters. she's put in the work. nikki haley is pushing back against speculation that she should drop out. take a listen. >> i don't know why everybody is so adamant that they have to follow trump's lead to get me out of this race. all of these people deserve to vote. 16 states want to have their voices heard. let's let them get heard. i haven't heard him pledge to me that he would support me if i won. i don't know why i have to pledge to him. >> and this is nikki haley campaigning in texas last night. her campaign telling us to keep an eye on the states she visited in recent days. texas one of them. the state of maine another. we met a primary voter in
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south carolina on vacation. she's a registered independent that told us she already voted for nikki haley in the maine primary. here's why. >> she stands for everything i stand for. she's a strong female, a great ambassador, a great governor. very strong in her convictions. >> and martha, nikki haley is going to be here in charleston this evening. however, she has no public events scheduled and her campaign tells us on background that is not expected to change. back to you. >> martha: interesting. okay. bill, thank you. joining me now, marc thiessen, former speechwriter for george bush, american enterprise season fellow and fox news contributor. hogan gidley, former trump campaign national press secretary and white house principal press secretary. gentlemen, great to have you here with us. marc, let's start with you. what are you watching tonight? >> i'm going to skip my power
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nap. i don't think it's going to be a longer long night. i have tons of respect for nikki haley but donald trump will be the nominee after tonight. that's for two reasons. if is, the left is weaponizing the justice system against him and caused republicans to rally around him and second of all, joe biden is so weak that it has taken away nikki haley's main argument, which is that she's more electable than he is. if you look at republican voters, she was saying don't go with your heart. go with your head. i can win, he's going to lose to joe biden. joe biden looks so weak. he's numbers are twice as bad as donald trump's were in 2020 at this time. something like -- i want to say 43% of americans say his policies have made their lives worse. usually you ask are you better off now than four years ago. 18% said he made their lives better. people think he's too old, he can't have another term. that has taken away her argument entirely for the rationale of her campaign. >> martha: hogan, what are we looking at?
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>> i think donald trump has had a stringle hold on the gop for quite some time, this will be the exclamation point in a short sentence. donald trump is going to be the nominee for the republican party. look, it's not just about what marc said, although he's correct. it's about the policies, this is so unique. we have a sitting president that has a body of work and a former president that also has a body of work. the america first policies improved the lives of all americans. you can't look at what biden has done that makes our present better but what gives the condition for the future to be better. a lot of people are saying wait a minute. we know what we had with joe biden. we know what we had with donald trump. the electability argument went out the window a long time ago. they know donald trump can bin. they're looking to return to those successes. >> but they may be wrong. think about this. the american people, if you think that everything i said about joe biden's numbers, he's
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the most unpopular in history, if you think you can't win, i have two words. senator fetterman. they will vote for a guy that had a stroke and couldn't put a sentence together. donald trump is the only person that is less popular to joe biden is donald trump. a lot of people don't want this choice. so it could go either way. >> martha: it's fascinating. just point out, in the real clear politics average, trump has been ahead in the head-to-head for about the last 140 days. in the 2020 cycle and 2016 cycle, he was ahead for five days and never against joe biden. so i guess the question becomes, hogan, you know, has there been a real shift in terms of his polling, momentum and is it enough, is it five points and not two points? that's what's going to be required to get over the hump that you're talking about, marc, if the former president wants to win. >> of course it will tighten. this choice is down to two
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people. it's chicken or beef. you don't get to choose sushi or fish. you have two obviouses. joe biden is the chicken and donald trump is the beef. the american people say wait a minute. one gave us success, one gave us failure. the choice is obvious. will it tighten? yes. elections don't happen in a vacuum. it's going to be long, it's going to be bloody and brutal. it's going to be up to the american people. >> martha: i think it gets way more complicated than chicken or beef. things happen along the way. you have a couple of these third party candidates, potential no labels thing. when you look at two or three points, how does it match up where it matters in the swing states that will be a subject we'll have discussion about this afternoon and evening. thanks, marc and hogan. good to see you. thanks for coming in. so a majority of voters believe president biden has severely mismanaged the border crisis as fox presses the white house
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again on how it is possible. we talked to john kirby about this yesterday. the president of the united states never spoke to his border patrol chief, the last one and this one he just met last thursday. >> how is president biden going to fix the border if he can go years without talking to the head of border patrol? >> pete hegseth joins me next. >> how is that possible? >> the president is engaged with dhs, he's engaged with leadership there. >> why not the border patrol? >> he's engaged with the border patrol, martha. here's to getting better with age. here's to beating these two every thursday. help fuel today with boost high protein, complete nutrition you need... ...without the stuff you don't. so, here's to now. boost. breathing claritin clear is like... (♪) is he? confidently walking 8 long haired dogs
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>> martha: breaking today, a bomb shell report claims the
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biden administration flew more than 300,000 migrants in to the united states from foreign airports last year. don't mess around with the border. just fly in. the senator for immigration studies says that migrants pay their own flights after applying for travel authorization on cbp 1 app. the feds claim that they can't reveal the 43 airports that reportedly received the migrants because it would reveal operational vulnerabilities that could be exploited by bad actors. in a statement, the cbp says we do not comment on pending litigation. here's pete hegseth, host of tonight's super coverage on fox nation which starts at 7:00 p.m. pete, whats going on here? >> it's super tuesday. you'll be covering it all night. there's a reason immigration is number 1. number 1 issue. even amongst independents now.
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everyone senses and now we confirm they're not telling us the truth. we can see with their own lying eyes what is happening at the border because of the coverage from the fox news channel. that doesn't include got-aways or people that go through ports of entry. now because of a foya request, the government is now admitting that through an app -- we have known about this app a long time, except it was supposed to be used at the border. here's how we create an orderly process at ports of entry. you apply in an app in a foreign country, claim asylum status. we don't know the parameters. what countries? what fits the parameters? where are they flying them in here? they won't tell us in the rest of the foya all of this information, so it takes an outside group to force dhs to tell us about a secret program that is flying illegal immigrants in to our country where they skip the border. we hop the border for them. who is paying for the flights? they say they're paying for the tickets. good, wonderful.
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what are the implications of this? how much do they vet them in their own country? probably just as much as at the border, a good half hour? it's staggers. >> martha: i say can you imagine if people tried to get through tsa this way? but they are. >> they are. >> martha: they are. so if you go to a different country, your passport, buy your ticket. you won't just walk in through an airport. this shows that that is exactly what is happening, pete. so the big question is why? >> that's been the big question. >> martha: why are we doing this? >> at some level, they want a transformation of our country, whether it's voters, workers. they feel like letting in unvetted people from around the world serves america's purpose or their party's purpose or bows to the view of open border folks. it's an unholy mix of all of us.
12:18 pm
some states that you don't have to show id to vote. i don't know. we don't know the full rationale. at this point it's spiralling out of control. if this donald trump's policies were inhumane, so we're going to do the opposite? this is the opposite on hyper drive. now spinning out of control that now we're at new corners letting anyone in for any reason and flying people in. i remember when i was called a conspirator for saying they're flying people in the middle of the night from the border. remember that? fact checkers saying that's not true. we don't have information on it. they don't want us to have information. >> martha: we saw the planes landing and people getting off of them and photographers were there on the scene to cover it. that's not happening anymore. people questioning whether or not this is happening. take a look at the polls. investigators rate the biden security has failed on the border. 71%. these policies it would appear and we'll see what happens on election day, but these are
12:19 pm
backfiring on them, pete. >> i agree with the 24%. i think they succeeded. with whatever they wanted. importing new people in the country. they have done a really good job. we have no idea. we say we think we know eight or nine million. >> martha: here's another 400,000 right here. >> we have no idea. it's a staggering amount. that's why voters will walk over glass to the polls to vote for a change. >> martha: and we have some sound of people talking about this. they don't have any problem with people legally my greating to the country. that's how every generation of american got here over time. this enormous flood and these plane programs and -- it's absolutely out of control. any common sense american can see that for what it is. that's why you're seeing these numbers in the polls as well. thanks so much. look forward to seeing you tonight. >> we're just the side watch party. you're the main event. >> martha: it's the cool kids. >> watch bret and martha and we'll be here on your second
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voya provides tools that help you make the right investment and benefit choices. so you can reach today's financial goals. and look forward to a more confident future. voya, well planned, well invested, well protected. >> martha: president biden saying -- we're going to cue that up. a sound from moments ago. he's taking action, he says, to lower prices in the country as a new poll shows that the economy is the number 1 concern for americans. 73% say that it should be a top priority for the president and congress in a new pugh research survey followed by defending against terrorism, reducing the money in politics, reducing healthcare costs and saving social security. 60% want that. no politicians like to talk about it. brian brenberg is here from fox
12:25 pm
business. nikki haley tried to talk about how to save social security. most people don't want to touch it. welcome. good to have you here. is this the new focus for the president as we see this sort of cookie monster influence that people are talking about? >> yeah. cookie monster gets his attention. he wants to change policies. >> martha: put this up. cookie monster said he hate shrinkflation. companies shrink products without shrinking prices to pay for ceo bonuses. people in ohio are fed up. >> we're being governed by these people. this is our economic policy? response to cookie monster? here's what's sad about this. the president creates this strike force on unfair prices. he's going to do something with the strike force. notice what will happen, it's the ftc and the doj. what do they do? they sue people. what they're going to do is sue these companies because their
12:26 pm
prices are unfair. what will that do to the companies? it's going to raise costs, raise prices and we'll have a worse situation than we have right now because he wants to look like he's doing something so cookie monster's cookies don't get smaller. >> martha: i read a piece on how capitollism defines us apart from our big enemies. so if you squash capitalism, you'll put that in remission, which is not a great idea. here's the president just speaking moments ago. we now have that piece of sound. let's watch. >> many companies have done the right thing. it helped lower cost for americans. even as supply chains are back to normal, some companies are not passing along the savings to customers. i'll tell you who did notice. the cookie monster. that's why today i'm launching a new strike force on unfair and illegal pricing. crackdown on companies that
12:27 pm
break the law while keeping prices high for american consumers. >> martha: no mention of the enormous amount of money printed post covid that fueled inflation. it's the big bad company's fault. >> the big bad lie here. he's saying they're not passing on savings. nobody has gotten savings, martha. the price level hasn't come down. the inflation rate has come down. prices are still going up. companies prices are still going up. our prices are still going up. there is no savings under the biden administration. they're lying when they say that companies aren't passing that on. they don't have anything to pass on. they're shrinking their products actually to blunt the force of inflation. biden should be thanking companies for blunting inflation because if they weren't shrinking their products, our prices would be higher and he would get more blame for it. >> martha: you know, sherrod brown pointing the finger at how the money is going to ceo
12:28 pm
bonuses. does he have a point? >> no. he's casting around -- this is the anti-rich, anti-wealth crusade that they're on. again, let's talk about how you generate wealth in america? people investing in companies, entrepreneurs, building businesses. that's why nobody buys this. it doesn't poll. americans know you're making stuff up to try to get through an election. we're tired after 3 1/2 years of this stuff, give us something real, not cookie monster. >> martha: i expect at the state of the union, we'll hear about programs to relieve student debt. i wonder if we'll hear about innovative ways to generate more business growth in the country and to make it easier for people to start a new business, make it easier for people to run the business that they have. pie in the sky or -- >> i will fall out of my chair that night, i guarantee it's going to be anti-wealth stuff. >> we don't hear anyone talk about generating new business. >> that's why we lost confidence
12:29 pm
in this president. that's why. >> martha: thanks. that's what the polls show. brian brenberg, good to see you. another issue that president biden is not able to escape, keeps coming up in every poll, the age problem. >> he has a chance this week though to remind people that sometimes having a good grandpa on the case is better than having a bad grandpa on the case. >> martha: kayleigh mcenany next. starting a business is never easy, but starting it eight months pregnant... that's a different story. with the chase ink card, we got up and running in no time. earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase with the chase ink business unlimited card. make more of what's yours. all these games on directv— and no satellite on the roof! think about this: blue jays, cardinals, orioles... what's missing? the andean condor? no, walnut-brain! pigeons! they'd rather name a team after socks! to be fair, we're not very athletic.
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>> martha: so president biden facing new concerns about his age. this issue doesn't change as the days go by. he's getting ready for the state of the union thursday. more than 60% of those that voted for him in 2020 say he's too old. think about that. 60% of the people that voted for him in 2020 now say that he's too old. this is the part of "the new
12:34 pm
york times" sienna college poll. 60% of democrats feel that way. 75% of independent voters say that biden is too old to be an effective president. 2/3s nearly of black voters, more than 70% of hispanics and more than 70% of registered voters overall. those are devastating poll numbers if they continue to hold up. here's cnn's political commentator van jones. >> unfortunately he can't get any younger. there's not that much that they can do about it. he has a chance this week though to remind people that sometimes having a good grandpa on the case is better than having a bad grandpa on the case. >> martha: here's what the president had to say about his poll numbers today. watch this. >> what is your message to democrats that are concerned about your poll numbers?
12:35 pm
>> martha: so with me now, "outnumbered" co host kayleigh mcenany . you were white house press secretary as i pointed out. how are they handling this message and should they be handling it differently than shaking your finger in the face of reporters and telling them they're not paying attention to the right polls? >> yeah, they should handle it entirely different. that's where the state of the union is so important. that's the chance to show a different joe biden. look, if i'm his press team, you're in a quagmire here. you can't put your boss on a debate stage across from president trump. i don't think anybody thinks that will go well. you try to create carefully manufactured high value appearances. for them, they decided late night comedy is one of them. it was choreographed. i'd love to know the degree to which he knew the questions were
12:36 pm
coming. >> martha: yeah, here's the setup, the punch line. >> it's an impossible situation. if you think about this, likely the biggest audience he will have this election if he chooses not to debate, thursday night is his last chance in front of a massive audience to reintroduce himself. >> martha: you think they can get away with not debating in a presidential election? >> they will try. they can get away with it. we've seen debates take on a less important role in the primary. donald trump running away with it. they can get away with it. they have to get him out there. it will be inexecutable to the american public. this is no longer the days of covid. >> martha: here's former president trump. this also got a lot of attention. let's watch this. >> and putin, you know, has so little respect for obama that he's starting to throw about the nuclear word. you heard that, nuclear. he's starting to talk nuclear weapons today. no quiet in the room after he said that. the second time time he was
12:37 pm
renerd to biden as obama. they said he thinks that obama is the person who is running things at the white house. to say it again, what do you think? >> well, he has said that some of that is strategic. who knows. maybe some are slips, maybe some are not. the polling doesn't bear out that biden and trump have the same problems. people see biden as someone that cannot handle the job. they see former president trump, they see someone that is aggressive at times, a leader in many cases and very with it. so i mean, they don't have the same problem as much as the biden campaign wants to transpose their problem on to trump. they tried that a few months and it's not worked. check out the sienna poll. >> martha: look at the polling on it as you point out. more people have confidence in his ability to be president than they do in biden's ability to do the job. one of the most stunning poll numbers we're seeing is 10% of biden voters last time around are swinging to trump. that is a wide margin.
12:38 pm
kayleigh, thank you. great to see you. see you later. >> yeah. >> martha: so a fresh meltdown from progressive pundits after the supreme court rules against blocking former president trump from being on several state ballots. >> i think what we saw was a court where justices that behaved in a partisan manner. >> martha: clay travis joins me next. want to save money and get cash? for veteran homeowners, it's easy as 1-2-3. one: call newday and apply. two: take out an average of $70,000. three: pay off your credit cards planning to move? join the 6 million families who discovered a smarter, more flexible way to move, with pods. save up to 20% now for a limited time. whether you're moving across town or across the country. save up to 20% at pods dot com today.
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by downloading duckduckgo on all your devices today. >> martha: new jersey senator bob menendez and his wife facing new charges of obstruction. they have already been indicted on taking cash, gold bars a mercedes in exchange for helping
12:43 pm
egypt. both have pled not guilty. senator menendez has stepped down as chairman of the foreign relations committee but refusing to resign from the senate. democrats not giving up after the unanimous supreme court ruling keeping president trump on the ballot. even as voter goes to more polls in more than a dozen states on this super tuesday. jamie raskin says the fight to get him off of the ballot is not over. >> i'm working with a number of my colleagues including debby wasserman schultz and eric swalwell to set up a process to determine that someone that committed insurrection is disqualified. >> martha: the former president has not been charged or convicted on the charge of insurrection. keith olbermann posting "the supreme court has betrayed democracy.
12:44 pm
its members have proved themselves inept at reading comprehension. the court has shown itself to be corrupt and ill legitimate. it must be dissolved." good gracious. let's bring in clay travis. good to have you with us today. here's -- i want to play what president trump said on "fox and friends" this morning. watch this. about jamie raskin's effort. watch this. >> they're real losers. they spent their time focusing on the country and making america great again, that would be a lot better than just wasting their time. i've been going through it for years, beating them for years. the same voices, the same faces. they never stop. they don't care about our country. >> martha: jamie raskin making it clear the supreme court decision is not the end of it. clay? >> i think they're crazy. what trump said is right. what you showed, martha from keith olbermann is important.
12:45 pm
a lot of people on the left have decided that trump is such a threat to the country that they're willing to dissolve the supreme court? which just agreed 9-0 that he can be on the ballot? when they say things like this, i think it's really important to recognize what they are arguing. they are these left wingers. everything that they claim trump is, they're the ones trying to put trump in prison for the rest of his life. they're trying to bankrupt donald trump. they're the ones in colorado, maine and illinois that tried to keep people from being able to vote for donald trump. if that's not a direct threat to democracy, martha, i don't know what is. i think the big picture here, story, is that overwhelmingly americans are seeing this now. i think that we are having democrats, one of the most disastrous own goals that we have seen in the history of modern american politics has been the decision to charge trump in four different
12:46 pm
jurisdictions because it's all to trump's benefit. if the election were about to be decided today, i think trump would wind a comparative landslide over joe biden. democrats sense that, which is why they're so angry about the supreme court. >> martha: and have to wonder about the calculations in maine and colorado. it has blown back at them. in a 9-0 decision, i might add. every one of the justices that he names in that e-mail, in that text message, he accuses them of not having reading comprehension, which is very insulting to these justices, who -- i don't think it's too difficult to guess that they're a bit smarter than he is. i want your thoughts on this. this got a lot of buzz. there was a memo that came out from someone at the veterans affairs department that said that the kissing photo, the very famous moment of celebratory times square jubilation where
12:47 pm
this sailor plants a kiss on this nurse. all across the country, a symbol of victory and joy. they said that they were going to pull this from all of the v.a. hospitals, this image. the men random requests the removal from all v.a. facilities because they want a safe trauma informed environment. they said it was a nonconsensual kiss, clay. then they said oh, no, that's not going to happen. dennis mcdonough said it's not banned. we will keep it. what do you make of this? >> the only reason that they changed their mind is because so many americans of all political persuasions said this is ridiculous. this is probably, martha, i would argue -- you and i department get to experience it. i can only imagine. >> i heard from my grandparents
12:48 pm
what it was like. we beat hitler. america defeated hitler and the forces of evil. it was such a joyous moment that i can only imagine what that celebration would have felt like and for many people, that is an iconic moment that crystallizes that moment of american try -- triumph over evil. many people say that trump is a nazi. american people in politics are awful nazis. this is what beating nazis felt like. our grandparents did that. they didn't call people that they disagreed with on social media nazis. this is a personification of our failure to understand history and celebrate it. i love that moment. i'm glad this got rectified. the fact that it could have happened is a profound failure of our national discourse >> martha: it's stunning when you look at the threats that we face. there's one ounce of focus being
12:49 pm
paid to this issue that clearly could be going to taking care of our veterans. some of whom are still around from world war ii and managed to come home when many of their best friends and those that fought alongside them didn't have the joy to kiss someone in the middle of times square. thanks, clay. great to have you with us. thanks for coming on. great to see you. coming up, we have a live look at a polling location in beverly hills, california. 169 delegates at stake there. kevin mccarthy joins us next. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ ( bell ringing) customize and save with libberty bibberty. liberty bushumal. libtreally blubatoo. mark that one. that was nice! i think you're supposed to stand over there. oh am i? thank you. so, a couple more? we'll just...we'll rip. we'll go quick. libu smeebo. libu bribu. limu bibu...and me.
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>> martha: 169 republican s at a tonight. another big prize up for grabs, two house democrats, adam schiff and katie porter are applying to
12:54 pm
replace dianne feinstein in a race where steve garvey is also hoping to play spoiler in the most expensive senate race in california history. first to christina coleman in los angeles. hi, christina. >> hi, martha. open u.s. senate seats are rare here in california. it's been a close and expensive race to fill this seat. adam schiff is in the lead with republican challenger steve garvey. the top two finishers in tuesday's primary will move on to face each other in november regardless of their political party. keep in mind, a republican has not been elected to a statewide office in california in nearly two decades. this state leans heavily blue. political experts say that's why schiff's campaign spend millions running ads to elevate his republican rival, steve garvey,
12:55 pm
noting that he's voted for trump twice. garvey remains optimistic as does the leading democratic contender, congress woman katie porter. the three leading candidates sharing their messages with voters. >> i have never taken corporate pact money. my vote is not for sale. >> i never took the field for democrats or republicans or libertarians. i took the field for all the fans and now i'm running for all the people. >> we need someone in the senate that can work together with house members in the california delegation and deliver for the state. >> as for the presidential race, california is home to the biggest prize of delegates for both parties. last year the state gop changed its primary rules allowing any candidates that wins more than 50% of the vote to be awarded all the delegates. former president trump is favored to win. he can sweep all 169 republican delegates.
12:56 pm
back to you, martha. >> thanks, christina. with that, let's bring in former house speaker, kevin mccarthy that represented california's 20th congressional district for 20 years and speaker of the house. good to have you with us. thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. >> martha: so you know, i mean, is there any situation where steve garvey could actually beat adam schiff in this race in california? some people say he hasn't worked hard enough in this part of the race. he would have to work really hard if he gets through tonight. >> well, it's difficult in a state like california. remember, steve garvey played for the l.a. dodgers and played for san diego padres as well. for anybody that is an old dodger fan, when kirk gibson hitting that last-minute home run, you can turn it all around. is it an uphill battle? yes. remember who he is running against. adam schiff. if there's anybody that can unite republicans, ends and democrats, it's adam schiff
12:57 pm
against him. he lied to the american public. as chairman of intel, he lied open what happened in afghanistan. missed so many things going forward because all he wanted to do is impeachment. he's purely political and never represents the people. that's why you watched how he's doing this campaign, he's playing everywhere he can because he's afraid of being a real race that is very competitive. >> martha: let's talk about the top line race between trump and biden. clearly immigration has to be on the minds of californians especially now that governor abbott has shut down a lot of traffic in texas and moving to california. here's a statement from gavin newsome. he says republicans in congress have done nothing but create chaos and sabotage any attempts at progress including blocking the bipartisan border security deal that had everything they had been asking for. it's past time for spineless republicans in congress to do their job.
12:58 pm
what do you say to that? >> can you even believe gavin newsome is a governor? i mean, think about what he's done to our state. san francisco, more people have moved out of california than at any time in our history. we lost a congressional seat because of it. we have homeless throughout. we now have because abbott is doing his job. we have a number of illegal chinese coming in to california. we caught people on the terrorist watch list from yemen. why pick california? because gavin newsome gives those that come here illegally healthcare. now he's proposing to provide to them also a benefit for homeownership. think of this. this is a governor, gavin newsome, that took the largest surpluses and now we have more than $70 billion in a deficit. what he's continued to destroy with trying to put his eyes on trying to get to the white house. this is a real challenge for us. it's his leadership that has failed a golden state that
12:59 pm
people dreamed of ever having the opportunity to move to and now the u-hauls are going the other direction under his leadership. >> martha: is there any movement in california? the last time a republican won california in a presidential race was 1980, right? ronald reagan. is the mood changing there? we have seen this polling, trump up 5 points over biden. it's the only poll. the others he's up two. but he's been ahead in the real clear politics average for 140 days almost. is there a shift happening and what do you sense? >> there's a shift happening across the nation, this is what you want to see. if you go back to the 2020 election, president trump came up to 42,918 votes nationwide from winning that election. at that moment in time, biden's favorability was a plus 10. today it's a minus 21. president trump's numbers are the same. bidens numbers are shifted. every poll that i have seen in
1:00 pm
every swing state, president trump is currently carrying. not only could it be a big night for republicans, it could be in the senate and also in the house. it is going to be easier for republicans to win seats in the house than the last two elections. remember, we won the majority in the last election. you know where we won the majority? in california. when i became leader and nancy pelosi was speaker, those two election cycles, we won five new seats for congress. so yes, california, you can win. we're proving it and we'll probably win more this cycle as well. >> martha: all right. you opened a lot of questions i'd like to ask you about next time. hope you come back soon. kevin mccarthy, thanks. good to have you with us today. so that is "the story" of this tuesday, march 5. the story goes on big time today, folks. it's super tuesday. ly be back at 7:00 with bret baier. tune in at 7:00. "your world" starts right now. >> the big


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